Military Builders Vehicle Contest

By Hawkins

By Hawkins


Rules and information

You have until March 31st to submit so start building now.

To participate in the vehicle contest you must meet the criteria below for the rules.

1: Scale will have to be between 1:1 and 10:1. If your vehicle is completely self inspired and made up then contact STEALTHy#3904 on discord regarding what dimensions your vehicle is.

2: The resource pack will be default. To force creativity, but also keep everyone on an even playing field. So no unfair advantages.

3: The build itself must have a download and will be put on the MB server. However it doesn't have to be built on the server if you don't want. But it will end up there one way or another for judging.

4: Must be made entirely by yourself


Submit your Contest Submission Here or Private Message STEALTHy#3904 on discord.

Include your numbers, Example Name#0123
Link your profile
We only accept Planet Minecraft Links or you can submit the schematic via Discord to STEALTHy#3904
Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this contest?


1st Place: Free Model Kit, the 4 that are gonna be left over from the previous contest. A private world to build on the server. Your Project on the front page of the website for the Month of April.

2nd Place: A free Xbox/Windows 10 download of the Metro Redux game. Private World on the server.

3rd Place: $5 Xbox or Playstation or Steam gift card. Private world on the server.

All Participants will get 8 Plots worth of space on the Plot Build Server. This mostly applies to non-members since they don't have access to Memberbuild.