Contract for selling items on store

All information required on this sheet has to be answered truthfully. If it is not the contract will be deemed void and you will not be able to sell online products using our store. To be paid you are required to have a account. Which you can create at the link here.


If revenue is made from your products you will get paid 47% revenue within 45 days of the item being purchased by a customer. This 47% revenue is not 50% due to the 3% transaction fee that square space charges the store owner for every purchase. Also keep into account when getting paid via you pay a 33 cent transaction fee when money is deposited into your account. That 33 cents is taken by paypal. 

The above mentioned plan is the 50/50 plan. If you choose you can also get a 25/75 plan or a 0/100 plan. Where the Military Builder get 75%  revenue and you get roughly 22%. The 0/100 plan being where you get 0% and Military Builders receives 97% of the income.  


The Military Builders does provide free advertising via our website and various social media platforms. In which members for free can have their online stores such as sellfy or Patreon linked for free to gain additional revenue. You can apply for one here.

Name *
Required to be 17 years or older to be accepted into store.
Include numbers at end of discord name. Example Name#4892
Check box to Confirm you agree to be paid via paypal *
Confirm you agree to be paid in US Dollars *
Required you mark yes, to be accepted into store.
Read information on top of page for details.