Our partnered servers are servers we communicate with and help with in a mutually beneficial way. Whether it be through shared advertising, plugin help, render help, assets in building projects, or just hanging out and having fun we provide many things to our partners. 


If you wish to become a partner of the military builders fill out the form below. 

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              Cubed Community




Shipside is a server that is directly partnered with the Military Builders, as their server is now fully apart of the Military Builder server with another half of their assets now belonging on the Cubed Community server. The Shipside community pride themselves on making some of the best ships in the entire minecraft community. 

              Gates of Aevony

The Gates of Aevony server is our first partner of the Military Builders. We share a hub through bungeecord with them and they pride themselves on making some the best content our group has ever seen. Including but not limited to medieval towns, Battlefield 4 maps, etc. 


Aliquam is a creative minecraft server that allows players to have their own worlds, full WE access, and the ability to download there own worlds at anytime with a single command. Among much much more. The access they give to players on their server to new members is almost unheard of in the Minecraft community. Join there server today right here. If this alone doesn't get you interested in joining then we don't know what will.

Aliquam Discord

Aliquam Twitter