Membership ACTION PLAN (MAP)


Military Builders Flag


In this MAP we will give a detailed overview of the benefits of being an official member of the Military Builders as well as your responsibilities within the group if you decide to partake in them. 


Rank Structure

The ranking structure of the Military Builders is loosely based off that of the United States Army. The ranking from top to bottom in the chain of command is as follows. 


The benefits of being in the Military Builders include but are not limited to free advertising and a server to build on. 


All ranks are based upon three criteria, contribution to the group, quality building ability, and overall helpfulness of the individual to the community.


Commander-in-Chief - STEALTHy
2nd in Command - Heliks
3rd in Command - Urban
Founder - PanzerXD, Nick13 
General / Admiral
Lieutenant General 
Major General 
Brigadier General 
Lieutenant Colonel 
First Lieutenant 
Second Lieutenant 
Chief Warrant Officer 
Warrant Officer 
Sergeant Major of MB 
Command Sergeant Major 
First Sergeant 
Master Sergeant 
Sergeant First Class 
Staff Sergeant 
Private First Class 




All benefits depend on your rank within the group. Fear not though despite what your rank is you can still be promoted during the promotion process which occurs 4 times a year every 3 months. The promotion process takes into account your activity within the group and the quality and quantity of the content you create. 

All members starting at the rank of private will gain access to the following benefits.


--Non-Member Benefits--

All non-members or civilians may have access for up to 4 plots on our plot world and receive a download of any content they build within the plot. 

All Members Benefits

-Access to Build on the MB server

-Access to receive via schematic download any content you personally make on the server

-If you are banned from server you may still receive download of your work

-All content creators are given access to a Creative Commons Copyright on their work. See Creative Commons application for more information. 

-You may request a render from our render artist for absolutely free. (This request can be denied)

-You may request an investigation into any wrong behavior from other members within the group including staff. 

-Access to free advertising on our twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, and website.

-Access to have a personal website portfolio page.

-Ability to start any group project and recruit for builders for the project. See Group Project application page for details.

Sergeant + Benefits

-Access to use worldedit and voxel sniper on server.

-Ability to sell content on our store - See Application for selling content here. 

Group Project Participants

-All people who partake and actively build within a group project upon request will have access to a 1000 x 1000 private world. Dynamp not included.

Patreon Supporters $10+

To be a Patreon support only requires donating money to Military Builders Patreon Page.

-All Patreon Supports that donate $10 US dollars or more get access to all previous benefits. 

-Access to custom pre-built projects that are not available for download.