Community Group projects

This is an area for the community including non-members to find, plan, and participate in group projects. These group projects could be for the whole group or even just a couple friends. 

If you wish to add a group project fill out the form below. 

Once completed you will receive an email within 48 hours once it is added onto page and given your own private group project chat on Military Builders discord. To submit a group project or participate in one you don't need to be a member of the Military Builders, these managing services are free to the Minecraft community on behalf of the Military Builders.  

Name *
Include full name example: Name@1010
Basic description such as theme.
Give what resource pack you plan to use, scale of project, where you plan to build such as which server include IP address, which world of server. And any additional details such pictures of plan.
Give amount of people already involved in the group project, if any.

Operation Desert Fox

Rough Draft OP Desert Fox.jpg

Space Project

Space Project Lead by Daemon with the help of STEALTHy and Sixshot as executive officers for the project. Will include NASA rockets, Space X rockets, launch pads, and NASA buildings. If your a Military Builders member fill out your name and gamertag in the sheet here.


To join the chat for planning out in the project go to the discord link here.


Science Fiction Fleet Project


Science Fiction Fleet: The science fiction fleet project is an amass array of different space vessels, not belonging to any particular franchise such as Star Wars or Star Trek for instance but completely original in idea. Theme lore here.



The Space project is lead by Voxelblox and Bwycen on the Military Builders server.