Fleet month



Rogue Wave

Operation Rogue Wave Has Launched

Fleet Month event will be active from June 18th until July 21st. Goto /warp FleetMonth on the Military Builders server. IP is mb.militarybuildersmc.com


Sign up for submitting your ship here and then Private Message on discord STEALTHy#3904 or Heliks#1373

Fleet month will consist of real life ships as well as sci-fi, fantasy, sailing ships, etc, etc as well into fleet month. Now each genre of ship will be split into 4 groups on 4 different sections of the server. Modern Day and Cold war, WW1 and WW2, Sci-fi and fantasy, and really old sailing/row ships such as Spanish Man O' Wars or even Viking long ships. This is an open community event meaning you don't need to be a member to participate. Also keep in mind any ship submitted will be placed on the Military Builders server.

Process for Submitting Ships

-Ship must not be below 1:1 scale or above 3:1 scale.

-Must be a schematic file

-If not obviously pertaining to a certain category name the file accordingly so it is put in the correct group. Such as for example Fictional-Name.schematic or perhaps even Russian-Name.schematic.