Fleet month



Rogue Wave

The new Military Builders naval themed event is here it will be running from May 2nd until June 14th. Submission period runs from May 2nd until May 19th. All submitted schematics will be placed on the server May 21st. 

Submitting Schematics

Information on submitting your ships for our event. 

To submit a schematic you must have a discord account. Mark your information down on our sign up sheet and we will contact you. Or alternatively you can join our discord at the button below and Private Message either Heliks#1373 or STEALTHy#3904


  • We won't give away your schematics
  • Schematics must be from 1:1 to 4:1 scale. 

Submitted schematics will be on our server for a limited amount of time, we will not redistribute any downloadable copy to other people of your builds. 

All schematics submitted must be between 1:1 and 4:1 scale lower than 1:1 scale or larger than 4:1 scale will not be accepted on our server. Due to the ship simply being too small or too large. This is so all ships get an equal amount of attention as smaller ships won't be noticed as easily and larger ones will be too noticeable where it takes away attention from other ships. 

We will be accepting all forms of ships for this event into 4 main groups. Extremely old naval ships such for example Spanish Man O' Wars from the 1600s or even Viking long ships. World War 1 to World War 2 naval vessels; and finally modern 20th and 21st century vessels. You may also submit space ships that will be placed on separate space world on our server.