MB Air Force

Welcome new Members of the Military Builders. Your new server is now the Military Builders Air Force Server. The current server address is mbairforce.craft.gg on version 1.13.2. The Dynmap link is http://mbairforce.craft.gg:6196/

Servers Online now and available to all Military Builders Members, if ya got any questions or need help with anything just Private message STEALTHy and he will get sorted quickly for you.

As of right now //download still does not work across any MB server and is being attempted to be fixed. As a substitute “ /plot download “works if your in your plot. Or use “ //schem save mcedit (name) “ then request the schematic from a Staff member by giving them the name of the Schematic. If the schematic says it didn’t save when using that command, that is a glitch. It actually saved just says it doesn’t work.

As newly made members of the Military Builders you are entrusted to do the right thing, this means following the rules. Breaking them will be taken very seriously and could result in punishments ranging from suspension, kick, or ban. All people who build on the server regardless of membership if they are banned have the right to get a full download of all their builds. If you are banned you usually get 1 second chance that can be started by filling out the ban-appeal application at the very bottom of this page.

Most importantly though just have fun and if there is anything you would like done to improve the Military Builders then just make a recommendation to one of staff.

Arnesia-275 (1).png

Welcome to the Military Builders Air Force, this is the aircraft section of our great group where we show off amazing in game built aircraft of a military, and civilian nature. If you have any pictures you would like to see added here just fill message STEALTHy.