In the year 2011 Nick13, panzerXD, and STEALTHy joined together to create a group called the Military Builders. The goal was to create a skilled and quality group of individuals that would not only create awesome creations but to be an example to the rest of the Minecraft community. An example in terms of the creations being made, and the calm and collect manner in which they are made using team work. The group has seen over 100 members join its ranks and proudly call them selves Military Builders. This group which so far has been active on and off for a period of 8 years has some of the most quality and skilled people in the entire Minecraft community. 

We pride our selves on being fair to everyone. To help out those who are in need of help, and finally the joy that is team work when a plan comes together and is then made into reality. 

Expectations are high for this group as each member is entrusted deeply to do what is right. Such as reporting misbehavior and wrong doings and being honest with one another. When this trust is broken it is taken very seriously.


1. Be respectful.

2. Do not copy/steal work.

3. Do not upload inappropriate content including viruses, porn, illegal material, etc.  

4. Always give proper credit. 

5. No harassing other people on what they build. (Example: Pink Ponys) 

6. Zero tolerance policy toward drama, start drama = banned.

7. Any and all illegal activity of any sort will result in immediate ban and notification to authorities of the individuals host nation/state.

Server Rules 


1. No destroying and/or griefing other members creations. 

2. No harassing others.

3. Only members with a rank have permission to build.

4. Server Moderators may not add or remove server plugins unless with permission from STEALTHy or Heliks.

5. No using any methods that would crash a server by accident or on purpose. *If large schematic needs to be uploaded must be done with staff supervision. 

6. Do not steal/copy/use any work of another builder on the server to be reused/published somewhere else. 

7. No using world down loader on the server what so ever.

8. When taking inspiration from any build from someone else, make sure to apply credit. If it is found a member has copied a build in excess of 50% of someone else's build and does not properly credit the person. Member will be warned to credit the person if this happens, if they do not then punishment will be taken in the form of a 1 month suspension. Repeat offenses will extend the time. After our 3 strike rule within a time spin of 6 months equals a ban.

9. Do not DDoS, it is illegal and the punishment is not worth it. 





1. You can report abuse of power from a moderator or any other person to STEALTHy or Heliks for investigation. 

2. You can report any broken rules from any member to the most available staff member.

3. You can retrieve a schematic for any work you have made, even if you have banned from the group. 

4. You do not get demoted/banned based off of inactivity in the group. 

5. We do not sell your private information. 

6. We do not claim ownership of anything you make on the server, that is your property and yours alone. All content made on the server is protected under creative commons. 



Policy on rules broken.

 One warning policy. If you make a minor infraction, you get off with one warning. Repeated breaking of any rule will result in punishment decided by staff. After 3 strikes within a time span of 6 months: You will be permanently banned. 

A single major infraction will result in being banned for an amount of time decided by staff. Anywhere from 1 month to permanent removal. 

Decision for indefinite ban must come from STEALTHy or Heliks Any questions, comments, or concerns Private Message STEALTHy#3904 and/or Heliks#1737 on discord. Alternative contact is at                                                                                                   


Reminder: Remember if anybody breaks any of these rules to not get engaged in it, and just instantly notify the nearest staff member. You are all in this group because you have maturity, so don't get thin skin.