Joining The Military Builders

Hello recruit if you are interested in joining The Military Builders, there are a couple things you must know first before you join the group. If you wish to find out more go to the "About Us" page. 

  1. Rule  Show respect to the entire Minecraft community, and especially fellow Military Builders.
  2. Rule  Do not copy work of others in the Minecraft community, and claim that it is yours.
  3. Rule  Do not upload/publish innapropiate content to the Minecraft community. 
  4. Rule  No innapropiate behavior to other members of the Minecraft community and/or the Military Builders. 
  5. Rule  When on any Minecraft server follow the rules that they have for that server. (Exceptions can be made, if a rule is deemed ludicrous)
  6. Rule Before using content made by others, always make sure you are granted access by the creator to use their work.
  7. Rule  Always give credit to original creators, and people who have helped with a project of yours. 

To join The Military Builders you first must have an account on Planet Minecraft.

After you have made an account on Planet Minecraft you then must make an account on this website you are on now. It is highly preferred that you use the same username you have made for your Planet Minecraft account. 

After you have done so make sure to fill out the form.(right) After you have successfully filled out the form. Then you will be given an Email confirming if you have been accepted or not. If you are accepted you will be given instructions on what to do next by Email. 

Application Form

Read:The form below is only for those who have not been contacted by the Commander in Chief of The Military Builders already about joining, via Planet Minecraft. If you have already been contacted by the commander about joining The Military Builders then please do not fill out the form below. 

(Disclaimer: Each field you leave unfilled is put into account when we are reviewing your application form.)

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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