About Us

Hello recruit, the reason you are reading this message today is because you are interested in knowing about us. We are The Military Builders a group of people who play Minecraft as a team and who work together to make great content for the community of Minecraft.

To start off this group was created by Nick13, panzerXD, and STEALTHy. Our primary objective while playing Minecraft is to have fun and spread our creativity among the Minecraft community. We have a simple set of rules, that must be followed at all times. 


  1. Rule:1  Show respect to the entire Minecraft community, and especially fellow Military Builders.
  2. Rule:2  Do not copy work of others in the Minecraft community, and claim that it is yours.
  3. Rule:3  Do not upload/publish innapropiate content to the Minecraft community. 
  4. Rule:4  No innapropiate behavior to other members of the Minecraft community and/or the Military Builders. 
  5. Rule:5  When on any Minecraft server follow the rules that they have for that server. (Exceptions can be made, if a rule is deemed ludicrous)
  6. Rule:5 Before using content made by others, always make sure you are granted access by the creator to use their work.
  7. Rule:5  Always give credit to original creators, and people who have helped with a project of yours. 

The reason why all these rules are here is to ensure that the Military Builders is a respected and well looked upon group of players. If you break any of these rules, you will be given the proper punishment as fit. When you break 1 of these rules you will be given a warning. If you break the same rule a continuous amount of times, you could possibly be removed/banded from the group. If you have a question regarding these rules or recommendations on the rules go here to post a topic saying what you recommend or have questions about.

The Military Builders 

The Military Builders, are not only a group of people who just build. What we are is a group that creates projects, mods, skinning, etc. Most importantly though, is that we have fun. The Military Builders isn't just a group of players who only build military related items though. You can build what ever you so wish in our group, that means ANYTHING you so wish to create. However our primary fashion in Minecraft is military related items. Again though your genre of creation is unlimited, being bounded only by your imagination.

To join the Military Builders you must first be assigned a rank in the group, the rank that is assigned to you is based by your quality of content. Your rank however will change as time progresses based upon assessments the groups leaders make. You can be promoted from hard work, participation, and a kind attitude toward fellow players. However you can possibly be demoted if you break a rule severely. Your participation in the group has an impact upon your rank as well, but you will not be demoted based upon activity or lack there of. You can only be promoted based upon your activity in the Military Builders. That means if you are gone for an extended amount of time your rank will not change.  

The ranks is our chain of command in the Military Builders. Our ranking system is based upon the United States Army ranking system. 


No user can demand of anything at all from other members of the Military Builders except; The only thing that can be demanded in the Military Builders of anyone, is respect. This is demanded of every member in the Military Builders.

 What respect means to us is valuing each others points of views. It means being open to being wrong. It means accepting people as they are. It means not being rude to someone because you're having a bad day. It means being polite and kind always, because being kind to people is not negotiable. It means not attacking people because they're different.


Once you have accepted the rules and agree to follow them accordingly and understand what we ask of you individually here. Then you will have to sign up on the Military Builders website. http://militarybuilders.webs.com/ and also our Discord Server for communication that you can find here. https://discord.gg/GyGnUt7 Once you have signed up you will tell us your gamertag/username that you have made for your account on the Military Builders website. Once that is completed you will be given a rank based upon your skill level of the projects you have posted. The ranks you can be assigned are listed here in order from least to greatest. After giving us your Military Builders website username, you'll be sent a message of what your rank is in the group. Upon completion of the instructions given to you by the Military Builders recruitment team then you are official apart of the Military Builders.

  1. Private (Lowest Rank you can be assigned)
  2. Private First Class
  3. Corporal
  4. Specialist 
  5. Sergeant
  6. Staff Sergeant
  7. Sergeant First Class
  8. Master Sergeant 
  9. First Sergeant 
  10. Command Sergeant Major
  11. Sergeant Major of the Military Builders
  12. Warrant Officer 
  13. Cheif Warrant Officer
  14. Second Lieutenant 
  15. First Lieutenant 
  16. Captain
  17. Major
  18. Lieutenant Colonel 
  19. Colonel 
  20. Brigadier General
  21. Major General
  22. Lietenant General 
  23. General (Highest Rank that can be assigned)

The Commander in Chief the overall ranking member who has supreme authority of the group. Is commander of the Military Builders - STEALTHy, and his second in command CraftyFoxe.

Uploading/Group Projects 

Once you have joined the Military Builders you have many assests and resources at your disposal to use. Such as you can put in a request to have a video uploaded of your creations to the Military Builders youtube page. You can Email your project to the MilitaryBuilders Gmail and have your creations uploaded to Military Builders PMC page. As well you can upload videos, photos, and your creations to the Military Builders website when ever you want.

You can also create your own plan for making a large project and recruit Military Builders into helping you in the project on the forums page for the Military Builders. The rule we have with this is that all participants who helped, must be given credit for helping you in the project. The Military Builders prefers that in group projects you upload the creation to the website and/or to the Military Builders PMC page. However as long as you provide credit to everyone who assisted you in a project, it does not matter where you upload the content. 

To be able to upload to the Military Builders PMC page though you need to send the download link to the Military Builders Gmail. We also recommend you give photos, and a description. If you request a video for the project, our Military Builders team will make a high quality video to be applied to the project. With in a week the project will be uploaded to the MilitaryBuilders PMC page and you will be notified when it is finished. If you also request we can upload the project to the MB website, and also the MinecraftForum.net as well. Remember uploading to the MilitaryBuilders PMC page is all based upon whether you wish to or want, you are not forced to do so. The advantages of doing this though is your name gets out there more into the community. As well you get to spread your creations with many more people than you otherwise could have. 

To join or start a project it is as simple as going to the military builders forum page and deciding what you would like to be apart of. If you want to create your own project it is as simple as creating a base line for what you would like to start, and then posting it on the Plans section of the forums. Which can be accessed Here


We have gotten to the end of this invitation, if you have any questions or just want to get in contact with us feel free to email the Military Builders at MilitaryBuildersMC@gmail.com



Military Builders Youtube Page  --->  Click Here

Military Builders Website ---> Click Here

Military Builders PMC Page ---> Click Here

Military Builders Facebook Page --->  Click Here

Military Builders Discord Server ---> Click Here

Current Members and Ranks

STEALTHy - Commander in Chief of the Military Builders

CraftyFoxe - 4 Star General (Secretary of Defence)

seanquaid - 3 Star General

TheOfficialNano - General

CNCminecraft - Brigadier General

Se1fD3struction - Brigadier General 

f3rullo14 - Colonel 

Adamm17 - Colonel 

T3sla - Colonel

TaskForce51 - Lieutenant Colonel

TheChizzberry81 - Major

Mr_Cheach - Major

Unlimited-Craft - Major

Airshipseverywhere - Major

urbanslick - Captain

Droolie - Captain

JohnnyCoolwater - Captain

tillwill - Captain

Rainbou_Fondler - Captain

AirforceCraft - Second Lieutenant

HeTheRandomEpic - Second Lieutenant

[Firebros] - Second Lieutenant

Panter3030 - Chief Warrant Officer

Zerkoh - Warrant Officer

Redstone-101 - Warrant Officer

Disy - Warrant Officer

riasuto - Warrant Officer

PlatypusDude - Sergeant Major of Military Builders

Sylvain211100 - Command Sergeant Major 

Helix_area51 - Command Sergeant Major 

Tommist - Command Sergeant Major 

Bluetan02 - Command Sergeant Major

CubeeTek - First Sergeant

DiomondBlock - First Sergeant 

killer_waffle72 - First Sergeant 

tim_10ery - First Sergeant 

kaelakov - First Sergeant

lucker123456 - First Sergeant

Nautica Corporation - First Sergeant

McAlpaka - First Sergeant

qmans - Master Sergeant 

OneSidedBattle - Master Sergeant 

Wargroy - Master Sergeant 

Matt_666 - Master Sergeant 

Dinkleberg64 - Master Sergeant

Dylan Panzer - Master Sergeant

Jaikaaba - Sergeant First Class

FiliPinoGuy86 - Sergeant First Class

The Code - Sergeant First Class

The_Smartass - Sergeant First Class

creeper_2019 - Sergeant First Class

spartawata - Sergeant First Class

Thranduil - Sergeant First Class

Celestical - Sergeant First Class

master_sebs - Sergeant First Class 

GARRET2BY4 - Sergeant First Class

TheWantedPig - Sergeant

First Class

X-hunter33 - Sergeant First Class

Twistedstell - Sergeant First Class

Yousif Ali builder - Sergeant First Class

OwenJDCanada - Staff Sergeant

Ryan142002 - Staff Sergeant 

Radarfied - Staff Sergeant

CzitusCraft - Staff Sergeant

Thealer - Staff Sergeant

Patriots_Terran - Staff Sergeant

Legomax101 -  Staff Sergeant 

AnnoyingHawkstar - Staff Sergeant

starferret3 - Staff Sergeant

Seames39 - Staff Sergeant

Vlad_Pixel - Staff Sergeant

Tommypoop___ - Sergeant

NuroShadow - Sergeant

ATOM1216 - Sergeant

AerialAceG - Sergeant

Sgt_Toast - Sergeant 

Creamyman - Sergeant 

Elitecommande1 - Sergeant

Kroindaal - Sergeant

TrevorWright - Sergeant

Gravedigger7777 - Sergeant

NcQs - Sergeant

Pedesterian - Sergeant

Mokokobe - Sergeant

RoMi4s - Sergeant

adamtruck130 - Specialist

CarsonChrismer - Specialist

TutsText2 - Specialist

Essex1943 - Specialist

doodies123 - Specialist

AightTMVideoGuy - Corporal

Ivanm101 - Corporal

FlippFlopp - Corporal

oVenomes - Corporal

FuneralV12 - Corporal

lone_warlock - Private First Class 

redstonenoob - Private First Class

hammerfallrex - Private First Class

ZeCodeRex - Private First Class

FINMineMan - Private 

LoneStarPatriot - Private

generalfantom - Private

MyMasterDesignYT - Private