Our Server Partners

-Gates of Aevony at Aevony.net

-ShipSide Server


Ranks are a measure of skill and quality of a persons builds. Everyone is equal in the group in terms of access and respect. 


-Commander-in-Chief (Owner)
-General (Staff)
-Lieutenant General
-Major General
-Brigadier General
-Lieutenant Colonel
-First Lieutenant
-Second Lieutenant
-Chief Warrant Officer
-Warrant Officer
-Sergeant Major of MB
-Command Sergeant Major
-First Sergeant
-Master Sergeant
-Sergeant First Class
-Staff Sergeant
-Private First Class


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Military Builders News for September

 The Military Builders new server project is a Dunkirk World War 2 group project. The project itself will be fairly small but compact. When started this first week of September is only expected to take 2 weeks maximum. Military Builder server at IP address  is also being updated to 1.12 version. 

    The Military Builders is a community of players on the game Minecraft who seek to create and design the most elegant and complicated of creations. From full scale aircraft carriers, to the fighter jets that soar in the skies above. We are mostly military oriented in our creations but we will build everything and anything. Here you are only limited by your imagination. We have a wide range of experts in building ships, aircraft, vehicles, mods, texture packs, etc. As of 2017 we are over 100 members strong and are increasing in numbers every month. 



Commander-in-Chief (Owner)

One of the 3 original founders of the group in the year 2011. Started up the Military Builders out of inspiration from other popular Military related builders like Spee. Set out to create a build group like so many others just with the theme of being almost entirely military oriented. 


2nd in Command

Training to become a pilot Helik's is a dedicated member, a loyal friend, and a modest person. Not to mention has built amazing ships and is one of the co-owners of the Shipside server. 


3rd in Command (Shared)

Hammerfallrex is our technical support manager and also helps manage the server keeping it working like a well oiled machine. Also a co-owner on the Gates of Aevony server.


3rd in Command (Shared)

Urbanslick is an extremely skilled shipbuilder, currently in the process of making every modern day naval war vessel in the US Navy inventory. Keeps a watchful eye on managing group members and has a straight to the point attitude that helps keep the group in order.